YUGAMET LLC - aluminum ingots and aluminum casting alloys


YUGAMET LLC - Ukraine-Germany company with foreign investments (specialized metallurgical company (license AB 270681 of 10.11.2005, issued by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine).


YUGAMET LLC - manufacturer of aluminum ingots and aluminum casting alloys standards in Europe, America and Asia: ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS, GB, ISO, NF grades 356, A356, A380 (SC84A), 383 (SC102A), G(GK)-AlSi7Mg, GD-AlSi9Cu3 (EN AB-46000 DIN 226), AC4C, AC4CH, ADC10, ADC12, LM-25, LM24, ZL101, Al-Si7Mg(Fe), AlSi7Mg, AlSi8Cu3Fe, AS7G, AS9U3.

In the production of aluminum alloys YUGAMET LLC according to the technological standards are refining, degassing, filtering, modifying, improving technology and such mechanical properties of aluminum, as fluidity, linear shrinkage, elongation, hardness, etc. and reduces the gas porosity.

Control of chemical composition of aluminum alloys is carried out in our own laboratory spectral analysis of metals, accredited by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine (Certificate of appraisal lab, registration number № 06544-2-4-17 CCM), which conducted a spectral analysis of these alloys.

YUGAMET LLC has Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2009

The most important task of management and employees of the plant YUGAMET LLC is to satisfy the wishes of consumers and the quality of aluminum alloys.

YUGAMET LLC specializes in the casting of aluminum alloys under pressure and in a metal mold, designing and producing pattern equipment and mold.

The range of manufactured castings parts: body and cover gear, submersible pumps, telecommunications, parts for escalators underground gas equipment and spare parts for elevators, vehicles and small machines (rokly, trucks), small architectural forms, details of office furniture, lamp housing, medical equipment (ultrasound machine), and more.

If necessary, is machining, fabrication and painting equipment.

Quality of details provided by modern production technology and internal control system at each stage of the process. Die-cast aluminum: Aluminum alloys: AK5M2, AK7, AK8M3, AK12M2, AK12, DIN226, etc. Weight of castings: from 0.005 to 5 kg. Technology: melting in electric furnaces with graphite crucibles.

Casting: Aluminum die casting medium and large series on the horizontal cold-chamber machines VIHORLA T with locking force 160,250,630 T.

Contact: Office in Kiev: 01004, Ukraine, Kiev, Pushkinskaya, Str. 27 OKPO 24050215 Tel. +38 095 294 41 01 fax. +38 0642 35 72 83 E-mail: yugamet@gmail.com Production in Kotsyubinskoe village, Kiev region: Ukraine, Ponomareva str., 7 village. Kotsyubinskoe, Kiev region

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